Who’s doing what, where and how?

We’re all in this together. Working collectively through organizations of various types and in all sectors, dedicated passionate people are addressing the myriad of climate-related issues and challenging and designing and building pathways to ecologically sustainable, economically vibrant, and socially just communities for all. 

The Bay Area Climate Action Mapping Project is intended to facilitate inter-organization cooperation, communication and collaboration. The maps provided here can also give us valuable insights and perspectives into our regional efforts to address specific aspects of the climate emergency including sea level rise, impact mitigation, our solid waste crisis, and the just transition to a fossil-fuel free economy. 

About the Project

More critical now than ever before, we must all think globally, act locally … and do so better, faster, together! And to do so, we need to know who we are, where we are, what we’re doing and how to connect. 

The organizations included are businesses, government entities, public agencies, non-profits, faith-based organizations and academic institutions that are in some way addressing climate-related issues and designing and building pathways to ecologically sustainable, economically vibrant, and socially just communities for all.

Collectively, these organizations represent important stakeholder constituencies in our regional effort to address the climate emergency in a wide range of topics such as sea level rise, impact mitigation, our solid waste crisis, the just transition to a fossil-fuel free economy and so many others.

Project Partners

The Bay Area Climate Action Mapping Project is an initiative of Drawdown Bay Area in collaboration with our Project Partners.

Project Partners share a commitment to addressing the need for extensive, rapid, just and effective action toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Each partner is cooperatively investing time and effort and contributing data to help make the Project’s directories and maps useful for everyone actively engaged in responding to the climate emergency. 

Our Team

Leslie Alden, Executive Director of Drawdown Bay Area
Leslie’s background is in communications, strategic planning, project management, and public policy, with a commitment to outreach and education, essential to moving from “talk” to “action”. She works with climate and sustainability leaders on the environmental and social impacts of climate change, bringing a multi-disciplinary approach to projects that move policies forward. Leslie has been part of several breakthrough initiatives through her work with the County of Marin, including the formation of Marin Clean Energy (MCE), the first Community Choice Energy program in California and the first in the nation focused on renewable energy; the 2015 “Here-Now-Us Project”, a partnership of Marin County, Climate Access, Autodesk, Dr. Susanne Moser, and funded by FEMA, to test a VR tool designed to engage the community on sea level rise.

Mark Westwind, Project Director
Mark has over 30 years professional and technical experience working with businesses, community agencies and non-profit organization. He is the Executive Director of The Praxis Group, the fiscal sponsor of Drawdown Bay Area. Mark was the founding Director of the Contra Costa Software Business Incubator and the founding Associate Director of John F. Kennedy University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Resident Mentor for the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is a professional Salesforce developer (12+ years) with numerous private and non-profit sector clients. Mark is also the founder/co-founder of over a dozen community organizations and served on numerous boards. He is the co-author with Dr. Tapan Munroe (former Chief Economist for PG&E) of “What Makes Silicon Valley Tick?“, a highly-praised analysis of the Silicon Valley’s innovation ecosystem.

Our Research Team is actively engaged in enhancing our database and working on ways to improve data scope, detail, access and visualization. 

Our Research Associates include:

  • Cheyne Campbell – Cheyne recently completed her MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics at University College London. She has experience in research and data entry, analysis and visualization. Cheyne currently lives in North Carolina. 

We appreciate the contributions made by former volunteer Research Team members, including: 

  • Charlie Chesney, Research Coordinator – Charlie recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a Master’s in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management and holds a Bachelor’s from San Francisco State University in Biology/Zoology. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz, specifically sustainable technologies for GHG mitigation.
  • David Ye – David is a graduate from Arroyo High School (2020) and was an Earth Team intern in 2019-20. He is currently studying Political Science at San Francisco State University. 
  • Navdeep Kaur – Navdeep is a 3rd year undergraduate student in chemical engineering at the University of Nottingham (UK). She has experience in design, research and data analysis. In her spare time, Navdeep likes to learn new languages and enjoys translating articles for NGOs. She is originally from Birmingham. 

Project Development Partners

Our Project Development Partners are providing organizational development assistance and support to assure the overall success and sustainability of this project.